Autumn 2016
A busy year for Brooklands, with other projects taking priority, has meant items on the Vanguard requiring Museum help are at the back of the queue. Regardless, we have made progress; we've fabricated a new, much neater main deck cargo door barrier, which is soon to be fitted with polycarbonate sheeting and installed. We've also been tasked with restoring a wooden mock-up of Trans-Canada Air Lines' Vanguard cockpit.
New cargo door barrier
TCA nose section
TCA nose section (cockpit)
Summer 2016
Occasional sunny spells allowed us to jack the aircraft up to turn the tyres and reinflate to optimal pressures. We also diagnosed an issue with #4 Throttle and associated HP lever near-seizing in position. Work is still being carried out on the latter as weather permits.
Tyre jack in position
Bringing up to pressure
Sticking levers
Spring 2016
With the weather looking up, focus turned to the outside of the aircraft. The first area to receieve attention was the wing, which had grown peculiar mold spores along the top and leading edge. This required manually scrubbing inch by inch to remove as jetwashing proved ineffective against the stubborn spores.
Before cleaning
Attempts at jetwashing
Result after 2 weeks of cleaning
Winter 2015
Many small repairs and fixes were carried out during the winter, namely returning Radio Bus #2 to operation, after discovering a seized contactor. As this circuit powers auxiliary cockpit lighting, it allowed us to check and replace many burnt out filaments through-out the cockpit.
The seized contactor (top)
Checking the wiring
Replaced filaments
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