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Vickers Vanguard At Brooklands


Welcome to the home page for the only complete Vanguard/Merchantman out of the total of 44 that were built.

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We are located at Brooklands Museum, Weybridge.


All the Vanguards were built on this site by Vickers-Armstrongs between 1959 (prototype G-AOYW S/No 703) and the last one CF-TKW (S/No 746) in April 1664. The last BEA aircraft was G-APEU (S/No 723) in March 1662.

G-APEP Superb was built in 1961 and had seating for 135 passengers.


After conversion to a freighter, it could carry 11 pallets 108" x 88" (2.75m x 2.25m) and a load of 19 Tonnes (19,000 kg).  It ceased commercial operations on 30th September 1996 and it was the last one of its type to fly when it was delivered back to Brooklands on 17 October 1996.  See the history page for further information.


After its arrival it was parked adjacent to the runway and was often taxied along it until the final time on 29 May 2004.


On Saturday 5 June 2004, it was moved over the bridge and into its present home in the Vickers Aircraft Park.


The aircraft is kept as serviceable as possible, although spares are non-existent now.


We celebrated our 50th anniversary on the 3rd December 2011.


See the gallery for pictures of the event.


The Mercedes World complex now covers the site of the runway where it landed.


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